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We release a monthly economic update, a monthly topical article and a quarterly newsletter.

The monthly economic update, Economic Update, takes a look at the latest issues affecting local and international markets.

The monthly topical article, Keeping in Touch, looks at different areas of financial advice and provides useful information, including any updates and changes within the financial services industry.

Our quarterly client newsletter, The Key, keeps you up to date with the current hot topics in the world of financial planning and personal wealth management. Topics can include superannuation, investment, retirement, wealth protection through insurance, redundancy and estate planning.

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The Economic Update - February 2014

Download The Economic Update - February 2014

Summary of the February 2014 FSP Economic Update:

  • 2014 started on a poor note for growth assets as the commencement of tapering of quantitative easing (QE) by the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) coincided with an increase in market volatility.
  • Emerging market (EM) equities underperformed their developed market counterparts in January, with the MSCI emerging markets index falling by 6.6% in US dollar (USD) terms.
  • Concerns over g…

Keeping in Touch - February 2014

Download Keeping in Touch - February 2014

Are you putting your business at risk?

With many business owners so busy with the day-to-day operation and development of their business, there’s often no time to think about what would happen if they, or one of their business partners, become too ill to work or even died.

Keeping in Touch - January 2014

Download Keeping in Touch - January 2014

Are you looking to retire in 2014?

If you are considering retiring or reducing your working hours this new year but are concerned about having enough money to retire on, it's not too late to seek some professional advice to give you peace of mind.

The Economic Update - January 2014

Download The Economic Update - January 2014

Summary of the January 2014 FSP Economic Update:

• Global equity markets sold off initially on fears of an earlier start to US Federal Reserve (Fed) tapering, before rallying after the Fed announced it would commence tapering in January.
• Emerging market equities continued to underperform developed markets. Concerns over a lack of structural reforms by governments of large twin-deficit economies, including Indoneseia and Brazil, continued to contribute to the decline.
• Concerns persist over the sustainability of growth across many emer…

Connection Point December 2013

Download Connection Point December 2013

Connection Point December 2013

This is our bi-monthly read aimed at providing some useful information for our clients, industry contacts and valued referral partners. We hope you enjoy this edition of Connection Point.


Keeping in Touch - December 2013

Download Keeping in Touch - December 2013

Insurance for the generations

It's only natural to want the best for your children - even when they become self-sufficient and are building a career and a family of their own.
It can be hard to resist the urge to offer some parental wisdom now and again, especially when we see them dealing with the same challenges we have experienced and survived.

On some occasions you need to bite your tongue and let them learn life's lessons in their own way. Other times a helpful word and some well-intentioned advice can help them to view things differently and from …

Keeping in Touch - November 2013

Download Keeping in Touch - November 2013

A smarter way to structure your insurance

Your insurance plans underpin your lifestyle by providing an income stream or lump sum cash benefits for a range of contingencies that can threaten you and your family's financial security. They are also critical in planning for your investment strategy to be self-completing if you ever have to stop contributing due to premature death or incapacity.

The Economic Update - November 2013

Download The Economic Update - November 2013

October proved to be another strong month for most asset markets which continued to be buoyed by the US Federal Reserve’s decision in September not to taper its quantitative easing programme.

The Economic Update - October 2013

Download The Economic Update - October 2013

The highly anticipated 'SepTaper' proved to be NO taper as the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) decided not to reduce the size of its monthly asset purchases.

In outlining the decision, Chairman Ben Bernanke noted that the Fed was concerned over the impact of the potential US government shutdown along with the recent tightening in financial conditions on growth.

To emphasise this, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members revised down their forecasts for growth in 2014 as a range of housing indicators showed signs of weakening in response to …

The Key Newsletter – Spring 2013

Download The Key Newsletter – Spring 2013

Issue 41 of the latest market insight from Financial Services Partners.

In this issue:

  • Secure ways to leave money to grandchildren
  • Touring South Australia’s wine regions
  • Who will your super go to?
  • Market commentary

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